Author Topic: Merit - Invite Only Crypto - Earn Through Mining or by Inviting New People  (Read 824 times)


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If anybody in interested to mine in an invite-only blockchain project, check out Merit ( You'll need an invite link to get in. I have put in my invite link below.

Mining rewards are of 2 types:
1) Rewards from Mining  - both CPU and GPU mining available; GPU's obviously give higher rewards. AMD mining not available at the moment, though.
2) Rewards from growing your network by inviting others (like I am doing now :) )

I'm excited for the project primarily because I can invite my non-crypto friends over to the Merit blockchain with just a web link over email/SMS. And I can send Merits to aliases (Eg. @elonmusk) instead of alphanumeric addresses. It's easy to get someone started.

Check out this sweet feature by Techcrunch -

You can use my link to get a taste of Merit. Would appreciate a PM on Telegram (@abhijoysarkar) so that I can accept you quickly (all invites need to be approved for the invitee to be accepted into the blockchain).

My invite link:
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