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Although I respect Bruce very much, I think MTC relies too much on Bruce's decision-making at present. It seems fair, but it is dictatorship. MTC can't turn without Bruce at present! MTC has not really started to turn in practice.

I know this feelings.  That is why my current project NewEnglandcoin strictly follow decentralization and no single person or entity control NENG just like bitcoin.

I am still not willing to give up Marinecoin.  Bruce has done tramendous work for MTC.  If he owns majority of MTC, I am pretty sure community has no issue with that. The key is continuation of project.  As of now, option future trading, f1cx still is valuable MTC eco system. Let's all wait and hopefully Bruce will come and return to MTC dev work.  I also has gut feeling that something personal issues happened to Bruce so that he may need a period of rest or handling before he is willing to return.  Right now is pause, just sit and wait.
There are a lot more CPU miners on NewEnglandcoin  than months ago when I first posted on bitcointalk altcoin mining thread.  At that point, my old linux PC can mine 1.5 million NENG per day on Cheetah.
Now the reward is much less, maybe 1/5 of what used to be.  Still CPU mining can be fun and less demanding if you only do it casually on your own PC when you work or read online. It can be on low resource without affecting other activities.  It adds a reward on Desktop PC or laptop.  Running a full node,  mining 300,000 NENG per day on a PC is still quite impressive rewarding CPU mining experience.

GPU solo miners and small ASIC solo miners probably are the dominant force on DynDiff Scrypt coin NENG mining together with CPU miners.  Big ASIC miners are disadvantaged by the new algorithm hard fork upgrade recently. 
Cheetah_CpuMiner officially suport linux  Ubuntu 18.04  machine.  Readme documentation on front page has been updated on Ubuntu 18.04 CPU mining on NENG:
NewEnglandcoin v1.2.1.1 released at:

This release mainly add feature of supporting linux Ubuntu 18.04 amd64 platform.  For other OS, there is no change on code verses the v1.2.1
General Discussion / Re: Listing MTC in Binance
« Last post by DMG_The_Penguin on March 06, 2019, 12:43:55 pm »
Bruce don't even answer mentions and you dream Binance? If I ever see MTC on Binance I'l make a tattoo with the logo.
General Discussion / Listing MTC in Binance
« Last post by MaeStro on March 02, 2019, 04:29:43 pm »
at recent months binance accepts many tokens and coins such as BTT, so why we don't post a demand for listing MTC and give binance part of the mtc's supply
General Discussion / Re: Proposal for Upgrade Marinecoin Blockchain with Spike Diff
« Last post by honglu69 on February 28, 2019, 10:25:35 pm »
no reply from Bruce yet?
We will keep trying until Bruce comes out of cave:)

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General Discussion / Re: Proposal for Upgrade Marinecoin Blockchain with Spike Diff
« Last post by MaeStro on February 28, 2019, 04:12:59 pm »
no reply from Bruce yet?
General Discussion / Proposal for Upgrade Marinecoin Blockchain with DynDiff
« Last post by honglu69 on February 27, 2019, 07:46:27 pm »
This was raised in github issue:

But I think this issue is too important so that it really should take one thread here for discussion with all parties.  At recent past in 2018 summer, a miner attacked Marinecoin blockchain with tons of blocks (millions) at 1 second per blocks which destroyed MTC normal blockchain operation. ShorelineCrypto Exchange wallet was always  couple of hours out of sync then and not usable.   All deposit/withdraw was stopped.

This attack means that Marinecoin blockchain has security issue.  One is instant mining prevention on above situation.  Second is that this means potentially Marinecoin has 51% attrack risk on exchanges.  Currently this is not big deal because only two exchanges have MTC trading, but this poses threat for more exchange listing in the future.

There might be many solutions to this.  But I am proposing a Marinecoin Hard Fork to solve this issue with similar method of NewEnglandcoin (NENG).  NENG published whitepaper v1.0 on this dynamic diff algo as anti-51% attack anti-instant mining method:

NENG v1.2.0/1.2.1 hard fork was released to implement this method. So far so good. Instant mining has been removed. Of course NENG is very different from MTC. I am proposing a difficulty spike of first 1 second as described NENG white paper can be implemented to block instant mining.

In the future, mining of Marinecoin can be further decentralized when the price of Marinecoin goes up in the future.  Marinecoin is minable,  1 MTC per block.  Not profitable today.  But when Marinecoin price goes up in the future,  CPU miners can join and mine Marinecoin.  This is more of long term decentralization goal, no need for concern for short term.
it will grow. just we need to wait
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