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Altcoin Discussion / Litecoin Cash LCC survived the dump!
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:09:21 am »
It has been a while since LCC regain its status. Having trade at Yobit at about 0.04 usd (unable to withdraw), it is really very under valued despite the potential the coin has.

It will outdo LTC very soon and guess what? It survives the dump!

The developers are limiting mining output by 50% next year or so.

We shall see how it climbs :)

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General Discussion / Bitcoin sudden crash drop!
« on: June 10, 2018, 06:49:24 am »
Does anyone knows what happened? It drops just over the night suddenly

Altcoin Discussion / Yobit : Massive buy of TAP with 4 satoshi
« on: June 10, 2018, 01:58:23 am »
Not sure what is the in thing about TAP coin but people are spamming buying it at 4 Satoshi

A place for newbies to get to know more about MTC, forum and everything else here.

Having a number of core wallets, I would say MTC has one of the fastest synchronization right now. LCC is pretty fast as well. ITNS honestly is pretty slow despite just updating some mining coins. Its been long since I had update RVN and STELLAR core wallets. Will try and monitor them too

General Discussion / Masternode Masters Club - All about Masternodes
« on: June 06, 2018, 06:33:58 am »
This is the space to share and discuss potential masternodes and passive income

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General Discussion / Signature Bounties!
« on: June 03, 2018, 11:54:55 am »
This is a space for us to share awesome signature bounties for BCT. My current signature for my current rank status has ended (usd 100 worth of tokens / week).

Does anyone has recommendations for new good signature camps? I will also post some if I find it

General Discussion / Market is GREEN today!
« on: June 03, 2018, 08:09:57 am »
Bitcoin dragon finally awakens from sleep. 7.7k now and others turn green!

Gone were the days where we need to use a pickaxe and mine gold in caves and some dangerous place. The world has advanced to the extend that Miners can even dress down totally (not naked), sit in an air-conditioned room and mine, mine ,mine.

Here we share everything about mining.

General Discussion / List of Exchanges
« on: May 29, 2018, 05:15:15 pm »
Credit from Cluster2k from BCT

This is a list of many different exchanges for cryptocurrencies trading/purchase.
I will update the list constantly and if you have some hint don't hesitate to post about it.
Hope you will enjoy this.  ;)

Check for a complete list of exchanges, ICO tracker, coins watchlist, news headlines and more!

NAME                REGION                       FEE                                                       MAIN CURRENCY                            FEATURES

F1CXUSA -- Futures contract (100x leverage), Stop Limit,more
KucoinChina - - -
BithumbSouth-Korea 0%-0.15% South Korean won (KRW) -
BitmexSeychelles-0.025% (Maker)0.075% (Taker) - (FUTURES WITH BTC)Futures contract (100x leverage), Stop Limit,Hidden orders, more
BitfinexHong-Kong 0%-0.1 (Maker)0.1%-0.2% (Taker) US Dollar (USD) Margin trading, BitGo Instant
OrderbookUSA0,1%-1% (Maker)0.1%-1% (Taker) US Dollar (USD) -
CEX.IOUnited-Kingdom 0-0.25% US Dollar (USD) high liquidity for top trading pairs
CoincheckJapan0% Japanese yen (JPY) Interest on deposit
CoinoneSouth-Korea 0.1% (Maker)0.1% (Taker) South Korean won (KRW) Margin trading
Bittrex United-States 0,25% Tether USDT (TETHER) -
HitbtcDenmark0.01% (passive)0.1% (active)EURAdd token
Poloniex United-States 0%-0.15% (Maker)0.05%-0.25% (Taker)Tether USDT (TETHER)Margin trading, Stop-Limit Orders, Slow withdrawal, SLOW support
Korbit South-Korea 0%-0.1% (Maker)0%-0.2% (Taker) South Korean won (KRW) BitGo Instant
Gdax United-States 0% (Maker)0.1%-0.25% (Taker) US Dollar (USD) Margin trading, Stop orders, API sandbox
Kraken United-States 0%-0.26% US Dollar (USD) Margin trading, Dark pool, BitGo Instant, 50 addresses withdrawal limit
QuoinexJapan0%-0.25% US Dollar (USD)Margin trading, P2P lending, Mobile trading
BinanceChina 0,1% --
BitflyerJapan0%-0.2% Japanese yen (JPY) Margin trading (15x leverage)
BitstampLuxembourg 0.1%-0.25% US Dollar (USD) Stop order, Ripple gateway, BitGo Instant
Gemini US Dynamic US Dollar (USD) API sandbox
LakebtcChina 0%-0.15% (Maker)0.2% (Taker) Renminbi (Yuan) (CNY) Dark pool
WexSingapore 0,2% US Dollar (USD) -
YobitUnknown 0,2% US Dollar (USD) Poor support
C-cexUkraine0.2% BTC, USDmerchant gateway
Localbitcoins Finland 0%-1% Many Reputation system, Escrow
BitbayPoland 0.25%-0.43% PLN -
ExmoUK 0,2% US Dollar (USD) -
Luno South-Africa -0.2%-0% (Maker)0%-1% (Taker) South African rand (ZAR) -
AcxAustralia 0% Australian Dollar (AUD)  -
Wex Singapore 0,2% US Dollar (USD) -
Itbit Singapore 0% (Maker)0.2% (Taker) US Dollar (USD) -
Livecoin UK 0.02%-0.2% US Dollar (USD) - UK 0% (Maker)0.2% (Taker) US Dollar (USD) Margin trading, GHS Trading, Cloud Mining, Credit/Debit cards
Zaif Japan -0.01%-0% Japanese yen (JPY) -
Bxinth Thailand 0,25% Thai baht (THB) Proof of funds, Options contract, Only Thailand residents
Zebpay India 0% Indian rupee (INR) -
Bitcoincoid Indonesia 0% (Maker)0.3% (Taker) Indonesian rupiah (IDR) -
Coindelta India 0%-0.3%  Indian Rupees (INR) Fee already includes 18% GST
Coinome  India 0.1 (Maker)-0.3% (Taker) Indian Rupees (INR) -
Koinex         India                         0.2-0.15-0.10 (Seller) 0.25-0.20-0.15% (Buyer)            Indian Rupees (INR)         High frequency intra-day trader get rebates over fees, more here
Cryptopia New-Zealand 0,2% Tether (TETHER) Coin Voting, MineShaft, MarketPlace
Coinexchange Unknown 0,15% No trade API
DeribitNetherlands -0.02%-0.04% (Maker)
0.04%-0.05% (Taker)
BTCFutures contract (25x leverage), Options contract

Since we are all eagerly waiting for MTC's Bounties / Airdrop program, meanwhile most of us are from BCT and might have some good bounties / airdrops to share.

It is not must to do those Airdrops or Bounties and do not blame the sharer if you happened to be not rewarded by the Bounties Manager.

General Discussion / Why Cryptocurrecies are falling today?
« on: May 29, 2018, 12:34:56 am »
Get the latest news of why cryptocurrencies are dropping today :p

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