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Hello all.
I have a question as to why Bruce developer of Marinecoin appears so little. Another question is whether MTC will grow or will it die again?

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Another great thing is that this Atomic platform for Coin is listed and exchanged on their floor. If Bruce lists Marinecoin on Atomic I think it will be successful.

I realize that. To the EO platform and the MTC currency is popular in the world. Bruce needs to put in a certain amount of MTC to get Airdrop to the community. Included with the introduction. It will spread very quickly. It's really effective. Ask for opinions by voting Yes or No.


Hello everyone! as the title to comment. The new platform has come out and what comes will also come. Marinecoin should be deployed effective marketing methods such as Airdrop, advertising ... to gain popularity in the world. The larger the community, Marinecoin will have the potential to become world number one instead of Bitcoin. Stay calm what you know.

Hello everyone.
I see this is a site where all coin can bring their development strategies in the coming months, introducing the whole world to your electronic coin. This is a way to attract a very large community. Who can do it. All in this:
See how it works, all coins are here.

General Discussion / Bruce's strategy discussion for Marinecoin.
« on: June 01, 2018, 04:33:34 am »
Let's take a look at the strategies that Bruce will develop Marinecoin in the future. Anyone know much information to include in this topic so we discuss together. thank you

Hello everyone.
still as title. Let's guess what Altcoins will grow the most for 2018?
I choose Cybermiles CMT will grow most powerful in 2018. And you see?

Hello all.
I have thoughts that. MTC will not become an Altcoins that will become a truly popular currency in the world. just like the US dollar.

Hello new day.
New platform will be ready in June. Bruce is working hard, we understand that. While the countdown platform launches, let's make some predictions about the price of the MTC in 2018. Please invite everyone.

General Discussion / Ever MTC will end the ICO process?
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:01:38 pm »
Hi everybody.
I have some questions asked that. MTC's ICO is free. But it is too long if the daily limit is 20 million MTC. If so, it takes at least 1 year to finish the ICO process. This will make all investors frustrated. It will slow down the development of the MTC. My idea is to end the ICO soon and give out the best products. Please comment on this topic.
Thanks very much.

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