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All problems resolved now  :)

You can addnode more IPs to get connected, here is working nodes IPs as of today:
Very well, I managed to get it going again and to transfer those MTC funds to ShorelineCrypto.

Now the only problem remaining is that I still can't withdraw my DOGE and MTC funds from F1CX. No reply from Bruce yet. Do you know of any other means to get in touch with him?

It would be a shame for those funds (it isn't much, but nonetheless) to get lost just because of a stupid technical problem.  :(

I still have come MTC in two paper wallets as well, so I have just tried to get the marinecoind up and running again on an old Linux laptop that I've used back in the days. The procedure is really straight forward following the Github page, but after starting the daemon all I get is "error: couldn't connect to server" when sending any commands to the daemon (like "marinecoind getinfo").

The Explorer shows that there are still blocks generated, although Network (KH/s) and Difficulty are empty, so as it seems the network is still operational.

Anybody knows what's the trick to get marinecoind working again?

Does it require a specific -connect (Connect only to the specified node(s)) or -seednode (Connect to a node to retrieve peer addresses) parameter to get going?

Any other idea on how to get MTC from a paper wallet over to ShorelineCrypto?

Can you also send a ticket in F1CX?  I checked Bruce status today and found that he has not visited this forum for a week.  You will need to bring attention to him  The closing date is closer now.
Yes, sent a ticket on F1CX and also an email to the F1CX support email address, hopefully he is still monitoring any of this.

I am having the following problem right now:

I can't withdraw from because SMS verification messages are not received. I have tried several times, the verified phone number is still correct. I can't activate 2FA either because it also requires a SMS verification message.

What to do now?

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