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GeopolitiAAUC continues to influence markets

In our Investment Outlook 2019, we identified three themes for the new year: 1) interest rate normalization, 2) regional economic divergence, and 3) new geopolitical regimes.

Below, we put these themes in the context of recent market developments, placing a special emphasis on the “new geopolitical regime.”

Gérald Moser
Multi-Asset Strategist

Interest rate normalization made headlines in December, as financial markets moved to price in a higher risk of a recession. This led the market to go as far as pricing in rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve (Fed) in 2019. While we have changed our forecast for the timing of the two hikes we expect later in the year, we believe that the Fed will continue to normalize interest rates. The first few days of the year suggest that markets are slowly moving back to a more optimistic growth view. In light of weaker manufacturing activity, our Investment Committee has shifted to a neutral tactical view on broad commodities, with a preference for oil only. We still see a long-term opportunity for commodities to do relatively well over the year.

Divergences in EM equities

As for our second theme, some of the divergences in developed markets (DM) are reversing, while divergences in emerging markets (EM) could persist. This is reflected in performance, with Brazilian equities significantly outperforming markets in Turkey and South Africa last year. We are negative on South African equities and, in fact, now expect the entire Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa region to underperform the broad EM equity index. Yet, we would expect divergences in DM to diminish somewhat in 2019. US leading indicators are starting to provide evidence of this, declining from very high levels and starting to close the gap with Japanese and Eurozone indicators.
Geopolitical events still impacting markets

Most of the geopolitical drivers from last year continue to make headlines at the start of 2019, and are impacting market sentiment. First and foremost, trade tensions between the USA and China continue to simmer. The latest developments would suggest that, as we expected, an agreement is likely to be found before the end of March, meaning that no additional tariffs are likely to be levied on Chinese exports to the USA. Yet, other political issues such as Brexit or the confrontation between a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and President Trump, currently resulting in a protracted government shutdown, are likely to continue to keep geopolitiAAUC in the spotlight.

Important Information:

This part of the material: (i) aims to provide macro-market commentary; (ii) does not contain any statements or advice in relation to any specific marketable security or financial product; and (iii) does not take into account your personal circumstances and should not be treated as any form of regulated financial advice, legal, tax or other regulated service.

General Discussion / Bitcoin – The possible 2020 scenario
« on: December 29, 2018, 09:15:33 am »
When we talk about Cryptocurrencies, then Bitcoin is obvious standout and with that comes BTC halving and how much it could make the market move.

We have seen in past whenever we saw it happen, the price made records and by 2020, miners won’t be able to mint new Bitcoin, so how will that trigger the market and how much impact it could make? It is something that’s very crucial to be understood to predict life ahead!

Altcoin Discussion / Re: Airdrops & Bounties
« on: December 20, 2018, 07:41:24 pm »
We don’t need to join up on random options, as that can be VERY risky. So, it’s very crucial that we join up on projects that are worthy and holds value. I will NEVER wish to join up on Airdrop/Bounties that are not reliable.

I track up list of Top Airdrops, which allows me to be comfortable and relaxed. Once we have things worked out that way, then we can EASILY get everything in our favour and able to make right moves.

Altcoin Discussion / Now all discord servers easily found from here!
« on: December 15, 2018, 06:39:45 am »
To get down for search to find decent discussion places is not easy, but with Cryptolinks, they have really made easy with their wonderful list of Cryptocurrency Discord servers, it is so simple, straightforward and easy to help with everything, which eventually leads into helpful zone. One is able to discuss, learn and so all sort of stuff from there, which really helps with knowing everything better and able to help with trading and such stuff as well!


||| ||||

Stakes And How This Program Works:

This bounty program will be based on stakes. Each task will reward users with a predetermined amount of stakes after completion of the task. At the end of the bounty program, the percentage of stakes you hold against the total number of stakes we give out is the same percentage of the total amount of tokens being given out.

For example, Chelle Coin commits 240,000 tokens to the bounty program. You earn 5 stakes during the program with a total of 50 stakes given out to everyone. You have 10% of total stakes, so you will receive 10% of total committed tokens or 24,000 tokens.

Master Spreadsheet

Bounty Distribution:

0.6% of the total ICO supply will be reserved for this Bounty Program

1:Twitter: 10%
2:Facebook: 15%
3:YouTube: 15%
4:Reddit: 20%
5:Telegram: 15%
6:Blogging: 25%

General Rules:

No spamming and no multi-accounts
We reserve the right to remove anyone from the campaign at any point if we feel that the person is abusing accounts or spamming
Every participant must join our Telegram channel, Subreddit, and comment on our Bitcointalk thread
If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards.
No mention of the bounty program in campaign posts
All rights reserved by Chelle coin team, Team can make any changes to rules or terms and conditions, if applicable.
By signing up for the bounty, you're accepting all the terms

Sign up via this Form link

Twitter Rewards:

<1,000 followers: 1 stake/retweet | 4 stakes/tweet
1,001 - 2,500 followers: 2 stakes/retweet | 8 stakes/tweet
2,501 - 5,000 followers: 4 stakes/retweet | 12 stakes/tweet
5,001 - 10,000 followers: 8 stakes/retweet | 16 stakes/tweet
10,000+ followers: 10 stakes/retweet | 25 stakes/tweet

Twitter Rules:

Follow our Twitter account
7 max tweets per week
1 tweet per day
All tweets must include #ChelleCoin #ChelleCoinICO
Accounts must be older than 6 months old
Accounts must be active before the start of bounty
No deleting posts for the duration of bounty
Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EST

Sign up via this Form link

Facebook Rewards:

<1,000 friends: 1 stake/repost | 4 stakes/post
1,001 - 2,500 friends: 2 stakes/repost | 8 stakes/post
2,501 - 5,000 friends: 4 stakes/repost | 12 stakes/post
5,001 - 10,000 friends: 8 stakes/repost | 16 stakes/post
10,000+ friends: 10 stakes/repost | 25 stakes/post

Facebook Rules:

Follow our Facebook page
7 max posts per week
1 post per day
Accounts must be older than 6 months old
Accounts must be active before the start of bounty
No deleting posts for the duration of bounty
Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT

YouTube Rewards:

Highest quality: 100 stakes
High quality: 70
Medium quality: 50
Low quality: 15

YouTube Rules:

Videos must be at least 1 minute long
All videos must be relevant to Chelle Coin
All videos must be in English
Include links to Chelle Coin’s social channels in the video description
Highest quality videos include higher production value, creative production, contain a lot of information, and high subscriber count
Accounts must be older than 6 months old
Accounts must be active before the start of bounty
No deleting posts for the duration of bounty
Quality levels are subjective and we have the right to not accept any videos we deem below low quality level
Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT

Reddit Rewards:

Comment referencing Chelle Coin: 1 stake/comment
Comment referencing Chelle Coin with a link to project: 3 stakes/comment
New topic started in another subreddit discussing Chelle Coin: 5 stakes/topic

Reddit Rules:

All comments must be relevant to Chelle Coin
Accounts must be older than 6 months old
Accounts must be active before the start of bounty
No deleting posts for the duration of bounty
Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT

Telegram Rewards:

5 stakes per week for consistent engagement
20 stakes for adding our logo as your avatar
20 stakes for adding “Cryptocurrency Meets Real Estate -” to your bio

Telegram Rules:

Consistent engagement is at least 3 comments, questions, or any other posts in the channel
No discussing bounty program
Accounts must be older than 6 months old
Accounts must be active before the start of bounty
No deleting posts for the duration of bounty
Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT

Blogging Rewards:

Highest quality: 100 stakes
High quality: 70
Medium quality: 50
Low quality: 15

Blogging Rules:

All posts must be relevant to Chelle Coin
Must be original
Must be public for everyone to see
Posts must be at least 750 words long
Include links to [project name]’s social channels in the post
Highest quality posts include intelligent write ups, longer posts, and high subscriber count
Accounts must be older than 6 months old
Accounts must be active before the start of bounty
No deleting posts for the duration of bounty
Quality levels are subjective and we have the right to not accept any videos we deem below low quality level
Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT

Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][ICO] ChelleCoin - The Real Estate Platform
« on: November 07, 2018, 03:20:48 pm »

| | | | | |

The Chelle Platform will provide users with a unique way to use and trade tokens within the blockchain powered real estate ecosystem (namely ERC20 and ERC721 standard tokens). Chelle Service Capital Inc. is a real estate investment firm that takes an investigative approach to investment opportunities throughout the metropolitan areas of North America, leveraging industry expertise and performing market and analytical research in property acquisition. Our philosophy of “Evolution of Finance” lives truly in the introduction of our own “Chelle Coin”, applying the latest in blockchain technology.


Chelle Coin is going to develop its platform in multiple stages.
1:  ICO Raise
2:  Stage 1: Blockchain Powered Real Estate Investment
3:  Stage 2: The Property Exchange (Buy and Sell your own property with both crypto and fiat)








DéMars proposes a blockchain that can run trustlessly and securely with low computing and low data transfer requirements. Nodes are fully autonomous and do not depend on third parties or other nodes for full validation. It runs on a structured peer-to-peer network based on hypercube geometry.

Hypercube geometry is based on a concept of measurable node proximity by using Hamming distances between nodes and provides an efficient navigation algorithm to communicate with defined neighbourhoods. This provides DéMars with unbiased network zones at different points in time which are responsible for electing proposers and validators which carry out consensus messaging within the boundaries of the zones.

DéMars deviates majorly from most blockchain solutions by the supposition that all blocks, which maintain all the transactions since the genesis block which in the case of Bitcoin involves a download of over 150GB of data (at the time of writing), are not necessary to validate a blockchain.

Hardworking People Pay The Price

Why DéMars Is The Solution

The Technology behind DéMars

DéMars is a structured, peer-to-peer distributed computer network. It is a Byzantine fault tolerant blockchain which uses network segments to reduce the storage and network transfer costs, thereby enabling it to execute on mobile nodes.

Our focus is on reducing the amount of data being transferred within the network whilst at the same time ensuring a high level of cryptographic security. This will solve a number of the speed and scalability issues associated with decentralized networks.The infrastructure is perfect for mobile phone executed micro-currency exchanges and merchant payments. By adding "smart contract" functionality on a local classifieds network, the technology may be extended to all informal trades in goods and services in addition to micro-lending, savings and insurance contracts.

Go Through Our Video Story Of DMC


Leadership Team


General Discussion / Re: What is next
« on: October 06, 2018, 02:13:09 am »
I am not sure about this, but logic says go for ESTABLISHED option, and there is no rocket science there. I mean, IF we go for established options then we are ALWAYS able to make money and are more secure.

However, I am not AGAINST new ones, but to me old is gold. IF anyone worries about amount that should be lower, then Ripple can be ideal. I just look at Ripple price prediction, and it gives you SO MUCH confidence and interest!

Spending time online has become a very common need of people’s lives in today's time, especially for youngsters, who spend hours and hours on social media or surfing. So, why not make the BEST use of your precious time?

To do just that, introducing to you “Fellowhale”

Fellowhale is the new generation’s favorite creation, which will give you an EASY way to make money! It is a new game based on the EOS Blockchain with a simple, straightforward, and transparent system to ensure everyone is able to participate easily and confidently!

The whole mission is to become a WISE Fellowhale to be victorious in the competition that includes people from every country! The competition puts you against the VERY best in holding themselves in the nervous situation, so to be able to win; you will require the heart of the Ironman, Superman and even the Batman!

The rules of the jungle are SIMPLE:

1. Only the wise Fellowhale understands greed and controls the ocean.
2. Each round begins with 1 EOS.
3. Make your first move to become a new Fellowhale—you’ll pay 21% more EOS than the previous Fellowhale paid.
4. When a new Fellowhale joins, you’ll profit from the EOS he pays. Yes, you’ll make a profit!
5. A new round begins when nobody is willing or able to beat the Fellowhale for 5 days.   

After each move, the timer at the top of the screen is reset to 5 days; it means that you have 5 days to become a NEW Fellowhale. If no player is willing to take a risk during the 5 day period, the round is over, and the next round begins!

Not only is the system easy but also fully secured by using Crypto as your payment method! All of Fellowshale’s wagers are managed through the virtual wallet Scatter!

Fellowhale is a fully transparent online web-based game, as the source code is open source and available to be found at Github! Which allow everyone to be able to view, and even audit the code, it makes safer for everyone to use, play and enjoy!

So, come forward and be part of this luxurious game that is really going give you the time of your LIFE!

Check below for further details:

Official Website:
Source Code:
Scatter Wallet:
Contact At: [email protected]

There are many options that got some real potential on them, but one option that I truly feel is going to be great in coming time, it is Inlock. The thing is based around lending platform and is going to be absolutely sensational in every way it comes.

The perfect structure of Inlock loan and other stuff, it really makes them a highly worthy candidate as far the BEST ICO of the year is concern. So, they to me are going to be really big in next few months.

Biomass 2.0

Biotor decentralizes biomass and makes biomass 2.0 transparent for the future. Biotor-pellets BV was founded in 2013 by Mr A.T. Maneschijn with the aim of producing wood pellets. During the research into the traditional wood pellet industry, I discovered that the supply, the raw materials for wood pellets, were increasingly inexpensive to obtain; more and more companies were fishing in the same pond. For wood pellets, sawdust and curls from trees are used, preferably without the bark. This pure raw material is becoming less and less available due to the ever-increasing increase in wood pellet fire stoves.

After years of in-house research, the time has now come to set up the first Biotor biomass pellet plant 2.0 and to scale up the latest pilot developments to a production unit of 2 tons per hour. To protect our intellectual property, Biotor has chosen to market these through franchise and the issuance of licenses, and to record the intellectual property on the block chain.

Buy BBT tokens

Do you already have a wallet? Send ETH directly to our contract address
Copy the address


Do not use Exchange wallet addresses to prevent losing BBT tokens.
We recommend that you only use a MyEtherWallet or MetaMask

Torrefaction is a new technique where biomass is basically roasted. This is best compared with roasting coffee beans. All harmful gases present are extracted from the biomass, resulting in a much cleaner and higher-quality end product. Because of this new technology, biomass that was not suitable for use in a power plant or pellet stove can now be used.

Biotor has done research for several years and has removed the teething problems from the existing systems. After the construction of several pilot installations, a system has been obtained which is unprecedented. Practically all types of biomass that are provided with carbon can now be processed into a high-quality energy carrier in the form of pellets, briquettes or coal, which have a much higher energy value.

Biotor Technology

The pillar under the entire concept is the torrefaction installation developed by Biotor. Normally, only wood pellets can be burned in a pellet stove or coal-fired power station, because other types of biomass have too little calorific value or have too high a humidity level. By thermally changing the biomass, it becomes homogeneous and hydrophobic and can easily be processed into pellets or briquettes after the production process.

Biotor Pellets

The difference between biomass pellets and traditional wood pellets lies mainly in the fact that the biomass raw material is first thermally treated at a temperature of around 300 degrees. This changes the composition of the biomass into a homogeneous and brittle product. The combustible gas that is released during this processing is used to maintain the process.

Biotor Biomass Trading

Biotor wants to launch a biomass platform, with the aim of bringing supply and demand of biomass residual streams closer together. On the one hand, individuals / companies will possibly pay a small amount for good biomass and on the other hand, after having made biomass pellets, these will be offered on the platform.

Biotor Franchise

Biotor wants to work with franchisees who have the right to each develop their own region. Agreements are made for this with respect to fees, region, quality, cost of sales price and licenses. This franchise business form allows Biotor to grow and develop rapidly and to take the market directly in this new niche environment.





Please feel free to contact us for your queries here: [email protected]

Altcoin Discussion / Liracoin Club - The Future of Cloud Mining!
« on: August 01, 2018, 04:08:50 pm »

Liracoin Club is the place where you can do cloudmining for LiraCoins(LIC) daily return up to 0,8%. A computer is the only thing you need to start mining your new LIC.

LIRACOIN is a decentralized crypto-currency, usable to perform secure, anonymousand real-time transactions. It has been created by a group of enthusiasts who have been working in the field of computer security for over 20 years and together had the vision to create this new currency.

The moment you acquire liracoin and Deposit them in the stake wallett, you Become a knot by earning coin each block Using the pos.
All you need to do to earn money with this Method is to keep the coins in your Liracoin-stake portfolio.
This means that anyone holding liracoin in Their wallet will receive liracoin on their Balance in exchange to maintain network Security.
After the stake you can send all the coins For exchange on the platform or web Portfolio

(Note: the first block of liracoin was mined on December 5, 2017)

0.40% - 0.80% daily return

Sign Up Here





Prefer Video? Check our official walkthrough

To Support Us and Ask Your Queries, Join Our Official Telegram Channel.


In the new era of value Internet, “blockchain” technology is bringing an incalculable impact on people’s lives. HORAE’s dream is to use the “blockchain” as the technical foundation to support the construction of the community of human destiny as the supreme mission, and to build an “everyone’s era” that benefits hundreds of millions of people through technological and cultural innovation.

Standing at a new historical starting point, HORAE strives to build a new generation of blockchain ecosystem with the aim of building a “better era for everyone” and is committed to expanding the application space of blockchain technology by creating decentralized distributed.

The network platform realizes more excellent point-to-point value transmission and transfer, allowing ordinary Internet users to directly benefit from the technical treasure house of the blockchain. HORAE strives to absorb the latest technological achievements and is committed to building a new blockchain ecosystem with a focus on systematic technological innovation:

First, build a new intelligent contract platform to ensure that the blockchain ecosystem is more transparent, public, fair, and efficient, while taking into account the differentiated needs of different user groups;

Second, break through the bottleneck of the industry-wide application of the consensus mechanism and ensure that it meets industry requirements;

Third, Enhance compatibility with different blockchain technologies to create a more open and interconnected user application space;

Fourth, innovative ideas and methods, flexible use of the consensus mechanism for the public chain and alliance chain;

Fifth, Promote the open development of blockchain system functions.

As mentioned above, HORAE creates a flexible consensus mechanism for the public chain and alliances by reconstructing a smart contract model that meets the different types of needs of the public, and builds a decentralized application development platform (DAP platform) that supports multiple industries, especially for the district. The creation and management of blockchain contracts are more refined, and there are two types of smart contracts and simple contracts to create a more ideal blockchain mass application platform.

At the same time, from the application end and the user side, through technical innovation, expand compatibility, ensure security, and enhance applicability. HORAE strives to make the application of blockchain technology more in line with the real-world industrial logic, to promote the advanced concept of platform construction, realize the sub-industry landing, consolidate the shared technical foundation, and make HORAE become the connected blockchain world and real entities at all levels. The best bond in the industrial world.

When we are full of new plateaus with the development of human thought and wisdom, a concept of “destiny community” that penetrates the “blockchain” and the “destiny community” of the human spiritual world will infiltrate people’s production, life and spiritual time and space. HORAE is fully committed to building a popular investment and wealth creation platform to build an excellent token ecosystem to help investors and excellent investment managers build multidimensional time and space for value exchange, value circulation, value realization, and sharing.

HORAE will be available in August!

Contact information:


I think no one might have a doubt over China been one of the MOST crucial territories for the Crypto industry. So, do you guys agree that this is indeed the case? I personally believe it is because we have seen how the Chinese event has made a major impact on the industry.

I always track the Chinese market very closely and that’s why I follow AsiaCryptoToday, it is got exclusive coverage of Chinese markets, which makes it so very easy for traders like me.

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