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Altcoin Discussion / Re: Airdrops & Bounties
« on: April 09, 2019, 04:01:43 am »
Join NewEnglandcoin airdrop, a simple sign up with twitter acount following, and get 100,000 NENG per person:

airdrop size raised to 100,000 NENG per person.

NewEnglandcoin twitter airdrop raised to 100,000 NENG per person, up to 1000 total winners

Announcement of NENG Fiat Project for all U.S. Residents

As part of disclosure, ShorelineCrypto is investigating Fiat USD/NENG purchase offering using our parent company banking relations and Square service offerings.    We believe the USD/NENG purchase offering can be launched in multiple phases starting from 2019 Q2 to all U.S. residents by imposing a very low purchase limit while ShorelineCrypto can be still complying with all the anti-money laundering laws in U.S.A.  Legally, cost of doing fiat/NENG in USA is extremely high because of all the banking, money service regulations. However, there should be minimum cost or regulation and no need for KYC if we only allow small dollar purchase of NENG with strict maximum cap at ShorelineCrypto. 
The motivation of NENG Fiat project is to boost the NENG acceptance as important crypto currency for retail and trading usage and improve the liquidity of NENG trading.  Currently a buyer buy NENG from exchange, and decide to sell NENG immediately, the buyer would face 50% immediate loss because the bid/ask spread on NENG trading is very high and liquidity is poor on NENG.  When this fiat project launches at ShorelineCrypto,  ShorelineCrypto will operate hedging positions using Square bitcoin service and convert to DOGE to buy NENG at equivalent doge pair price in ShorelineCrypto exchange so that buyer of NENG will no longer face huge loss from immediate sell in the future.
We believe miners and traders should also see better NENG trading price in the future so that they can dump their mining rewards at higher price because of liquidity boost from Fiat project hedging.
In the long run, a successful fiat project on NENG can put NewEnglandcoin as niche alternative for small dollar fiat entry into crypto market for U.S. residents.  Currently most U.S. buyers convert their USD to bitcoin at Coinbase or Germini etc, then transfer their bitcoin to an exchange to sell for dogecoin or any other altcoins.  It works well for large amount at $100 USD or more even on a bitcoin transaction fee of $1.  However, if one wants to buy or sell $1 to $5 USD dollar, the bitcoin transaction fees are too high.    Here we can offer a low fee method of buying NewEnglandcoin with $1 to $5 USD, then convert to dogecoin at almost no loss, and then transfer the dogecoin out of ShorelineCrypto to wherever you want to trade or use dogecoin.
Bitcoin is gold, Litecoin is silver, Dogecoin can be said as copper.  Dogecoin has huge listings at multiple exchanges and can be converted to bitcoin easily at exchange with low fees.  With NENG/DOGE trading pair at ShorelineCrypto exchange and utilizing the capability of dogecoin popularity and low transaction fees, this NENG fiat project has the potential to put NENG into important coin in U.S.A crypto market.

Announcement for Mobile Miner Project Initiation
Immediately today, we initiate a new mobile miner project for evaluations and implementation. The NENG mobile miner will offer Android/iPhone users to mine NENG on their cell phone and receive NENG reward daily. Of course, the mobile mining is not a true mining, just a simulation on cell phones to allow users to receive rewards, say 10 NENG per day.
At this early stage, we foresee the eventual working mobile miner for NENG will be some javascript based web page where cell phones can register and click for rewards daily.  The project is going to be planned and implemented in multiple quarters and the funding source will come from donation from NENG communities.

NewEnglandcoin (NENG) is underpriced at only fraction of market cap of NewYorkcoin while the security of NewEnglandcoin is significant better against 51% attacks.  Even on population or GDP comparison against NYC, NENG should trade significantly higher.
Also stay tuned in bitcointalk Ann or DISCORD for further news of NENG Fiat project and NENG Mobile Miner project.

NENG Security, Decentralization Value & 2 Announcements

No Hard Fork in 2019 Q2 or in Near Future
NENG v1.2.x Hard Fork Evaluation
NENG 51% Attack Cost - $10,000 USD
Decentralization - Solo Mining Up, Mining Pool Down
What if 51% Attackers Utilize GPU fleet?
NENG Valuation is Dirt Cheap
Announcement of NENG Fiat Project for all U.S. Residents
Announcement for Mobile Miner Project Initiation

General Discussion / Bull mkt is back
« on: April 03, 2019, 02:59:46 am »
Bitcoin now hit 5k. Bitcoin and crypto bull market is back. This is quicker than I thought.

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General Discussion / Coinbase Reward - Stellar for $10 USD
« on: March 28, 2019, 05:00:17 am »
Here is link for Stellar reward worth $10 USD by answering a few questions in Coinbase:

I get referral reward as well, shameless promote the above link.

Twitter Bounty

Follow NENG twitter and receive 100,000 NENG on Twitter Bounty to up to 1000 winners

Graphic Redesign Bounty

Top one award: 90.9 million NENG
Top 10 Winners: 500,000 NENG / person
Event Timing:  March 25, 2019 - April 30 2019
Event Address:  NewEnglandcoin DISCORD at:

Please complete above Twitter Bounty requirement first.  Then
follow Below Steps to qualify for the Bounty:
(1) Required:  submit your own designed NENG logo picture in gif, png jpg or any other common graphic file format into DISCORD "bounty-submission" board
(2) Optional:  submit a second graphic for logo or any other marketing purposes into "bounty-submission"  board. 
(3) Complete below form.

 Please limit your submission to no more than two total. Delete any wrongly submitted or undesired graphics in the board.  Contact DISCORD @honglu69#5911  or @krypton#6139 if you have any issues.

Twitter/Graphic Redesign bounty sign up:

General Discussion / Re: is Bruce still alive?
« on: March 23, 2019, 03:34:26 am »
Bruce certainly has done very good job of maintaining all the servers: f1cx, EO, this forum.

But he told me and is clear to everyone, that he is only "maintaining" exiting feature, no new feature.

General Discussion / Re: is Bruce still alive?
« on: March 23, 2019, 03:32:45 am »
i want just to know if Bruce id alive or not

You can click and see his account activity:;u=1

Although I respect Bruce very much, I think MTC relies too much on Bruce's decision-making at present. It seems fair, but it is dictatorship. MTC can't turn without Bruce at present! MTC has not really started to turn in practice.

I know this feelings.  That is why my current project NewEnglandcoin strictly follow decentralization and no single person or entity control NENG just like bitcoin.

I am still not willing to give up Marinecoin.  Bruce has done tramendous work for MTC.  If he owns majority of MTC, I am pretty sure community has no issue with that. The key is continuation of project.  As of now, option future trading, f1cx still is valuable MTC eco system. Let's all wait and hopefully Bruce will come and return to MTC dev work.  I also has gut feeling that something personal issues happened to Bruce so that he may need a period of rest or handling before he is willing to return.  Right now is pause, just sit and wait.

There are a lot more CPU miners on NewEnglandcoin  than months ago when I first posted on bitcointalk altcoin mining thread.  At that point, my old linux PC can mine 1.5 million NENG per day on Cheetah.
Now the reward is much less, maybe 1/5 of what used to be.  Still CPU mining can be fun and less demanding if you only do it casually on your own PC when you work or read online. It can be on low resource without affecting other activities.  It adds a reward on Desktop PC or laptop.  Running a full node,  mining 300,000 NENG per day on a PC is still quite impressive rewarding CPU mining experience.

GPU solo miners and small ASIC solo miners probably are the dominant force on DynDiff Scrypt coin NENG mining together with CPU miners.  Big ASIC miners are disadvantaged by the new algorithm hard fork upgrade recently. 

Cheetah_CpuMiner officially suport linux  Ubuntu 18.04  machine.  Readme documentation on front page has been updated on Ubuntu 18.04 CPU mining on NENG:

NewEnglandcoin v1.2.1.1 released at:

This release mainly add feature of supporting linux Ubuntu 18.04 amd64 platform.  For other OS, there is no change on code verses the v1.2.1

no reply from Bruce yet?
We will keep trying until Bruce comes out of cave:)

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