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we have to attract people to the forum. but how?
Two directions to tackle this issue: dev and community.

Dev: the best approach is  for  Bruce to develop some kind of reward system to attract new users. People love reward, for example, EO round reward was very unique and successful feature. DASH coin was mainly on reward using masternode. Bittube use reward, affiliate program essentially is reward system. Coinbase paid $100 million for Earn, essentially watch some video ads, get reward.

Community: words of mouth. The best would be combining reward feature that dev builds. Reward for forum new friends affiliate style, reward for article,  proof of promotion version 2.0 , etc.

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NewEnglandCoin  v1.2.0

released at github:

New Features:

  • Blockchain hardfork at 273501 block
  • Anti-51% attack feature enabled at fork
  • Anti-instant mining enabled at fork

v1.2.0 implemented new dynamic hashing algorithm II as explained in technical whitepaper v1.0.  This new wallet upgrade is required for all users.

we can`t force them..discord and telegram are more user-friendly..

Discord or telegram is less important.  Members use whatever they wish.

The key is to attract outside traffic to this forum, then to EO. essentially has huge amount betting available for all the major coins there.
Very few people outside Marinecoin members know there is existance of such service available to freely bet for or against bitcoin or any other coins. Forum could be an  important tool to do that as a tool.

Do this you will get back your Marinecoin in new windows computer:

Install and run Marinecoin first, no need to sync fully, just sync for couple of minutes first.

Go to your folder at windows

Under this folder, you should see a file "wallet.dat".    Delete this file.  Then rename your backed up file to this name, copy and paste into this folder.

Then restart your Marinecoin, and fully sync to end.  Your old MTC should be back in your wallet.

General Discussion / Marinecoin big price spike, what happened?
« on: February 07, 2019, 03:12:22 am »
Just noticed that Marinecoin in f1cx had 220% price spike.  What happened for such a price jump?

General Discussion / ABRA allows stocks and ETF on bitcoin
« on: February 06, 2019, 10:43:55 pm »
This is big news. I thought US SEC regulators will block stock and bond trading on crypto . Actually market force is much stronger.

Bruce had an idea in 18 to trade us stocks, gold on MTC .  I think government risk is much less now.

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General Discussion / Re: MTC explorer is stuck?
« on: February 05, 2019, 03:36:50 pm »
NENG had similar situations before too. It could be just the tmp index log file blocking the explorer updates.

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General Discussion / MTC explorer is stuck?
« on: February 05, 2019, 02:01:57 pm »
A member JD reported in discord that Marinecoin explorer is stuck on December 31 2018. I checked and indeed this is true.

Bruce, can you take a look and fix the explorer ?

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General Discussion / Re: MTC distribution update.
« on: January 29, 2019, 05:51:37 am »
Hello  MaeStro
any news rosso...
Not that i know of i think everyone is waiting on Honglu69 as he was trying to contact Bruce

Just let you know that I have no response from Bruce. Still waiting.

Let us know if you can contact Bruce.

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There are some flaws with the previous EO rounds. EO round is good but people abuses it by listing low price before EO registers and hence EO will have low price so that people can do arbitrary trading in F1CX which is not so healthy since it demotes the growth of MTC.

EO rounds starting price should be calculated base on a certain average depth with value taken straight away after all instant buy out from EO (for weak hands). The time it was done should not be revealed so that people could guess when will the average price be taken.

All weak hands should be buyout from EO instantaneously without waiting for rounds to complete and such to ensure price stability and potential if this is the direction EO is heading.

With some of these points intact, rounds can be continued to promote distribution of MTC

For Bruce to get feedback on EO/F1CX from Marinecoin members, and then improve the current EO system, from product design or feature enhancement, that is still a "development", not a "freeze" on development.  I would like to hear from Bruce whether he is willing to do  this small incremental  dev work or not.  If he is willing to do, even at quite slow pace, still a big plus on MTC long term prospect.

General Discussion / Re: MTC distribution update.
« on: January 17, 2019, 01:38:41 pm »
I agree with the last 3 posts above. I think exactly the same. Perhaps-the developer is just developing another coin. Although it is hard to believe. After all, everyone who wrote offers for mailings last summer, remember how interesting the technology was.
Another break, which was after the first break a few years ago-very bad impact on the coin. What could be worse than a dead project, while other coins develop every day and grow in capitalization ?
I think that not only I had the feeling that the developer is mocking.
I didn't want to write this at all, as I found the developer's behavior over the last half-year offensive to myself and the entire community.
When I asked him a bunch of questions in private messages, he really did not tell me, but only "sent" to Auluv.
What we see ? Another silence developer after a long and hard work Auluv.
It seems to me that even if the developer starts to "Wake up", he is obliged to apologize for the silence and ignoring at least Auluv. I feel sorry for him more than anyone.
Nothing at all. Most of it is in the hands of the developer. So does the developer Foundation. How does he even have the right to put anything on us after all ? All the investors are scared. All Junior developers of third - party projects who were interested in the integration of MTS in their projects-did not find anything promising in it seems in the summer.
I'm more likely nothing was going to write. I just wish they'd cancel it for now. This is an extra bubble, which was in 2014, and did not lead to anything good.
How could fraud, Hindus, and others - I have long proposed to revive the messaging that was in the summer. The reward can be made several times less than 20 000. This will go a lot for the benefit of the coin, and attracting new members to the community.
I have a lot more to offer, just do not have the desire because of the offensive behavior of the developer, as well as those who supported such a mood, did not really offer, and turned away.
If we see at least the same Bruce, who was in the summer, you can think about marketing and so on.
Also coin has long been asking for a campaign in a famous forum where many members of this community - including me - have been blocked for promoting coins through paid posts. Very strange, that people spent time, risked their accounts, reputation, and them paid coin - Pro that only in chat not promised, and which now dead. But the developer doesn't care, and for him the community will always be guilty.
I must say-if the project will continue to develop, I will never forgive the behavior of the developer.
All my suggestions above on coin development will be good only and only when the developer will regularly develop the coin.

I think it's time to decide, and announce to the community (participants, investors, and everyone else) that the project is dead.
And not to blame everything on those who helped to advance the project most in the summer, spent the time.

Otherwise, it looks like a mockery of the community by the person who has the entire Fund (with whom nothing is done), the developer's Fund of 100 million coins (!!!!!), experience and initial plan.
Good luck everyone.

Thanks for standing up for me :) appreciated. We can still be friends haha
You're right. Bruce has no enthusiasm for this project
Marinecoin was dead between 2015 and 2017. People will give a second chance, but not third chance. The next Bitcoin peak is likely to be 2020 to 2021,  almost 2 years from here.

If dev of MTC does not prepare for long term, there won't be third chance. There is so much potential on this coin. It is unfortunate on current state of Dev freeze.

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General Discussion / Re: MTC distribution update.
« on: January 15, 2019, 02:20:34 pm »
Dogecoin is way bigger coin than Marinecoin. For many years, Dogecoin only 2 to 3 developers who have day jobs. They can only do Dogecoin dev at night or weekend, that was fine.

I do not know what situations or reasons Bruce has now. But even if daily jobs or other things demand more time from MTC,. Part time dev work can still be done on MTC. Unprofitable operations or costly unsuccessful operations can be shut down, new dev direction can be drawn in new white paper. Decentralization goal can be remapped.

For now, MTC is much more of centralized coin and the original promised distribution of 90% supply has not been achieved. Dev directions are badly needed on this coin.

Bruce can leave marketing to communities, but dev work can not be skipped. A lot needs to be done to make MTC long term viable. MTC has solid foundation , EO, F1CX , dynamic anti-mining feature, all good, it just needs more from dev to improve this coin.

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General Discussion / Re: MTC distribution update.
« on: January 15, 2019, 01:56:41 pm »
One thing Bruce can do for keeping communication, but not coming online daily is redrafting a new technical white paper. Bruce as Dev never did that, it should be done from dev point of view. This give MTC directions for the future. Things change and circumstance and goal change, everyone understands that, the white paper can serve that purpose. There are many reasons such as personal, family or whatever reasons that dev does not want be online daily, but basic level communications should be there.

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General Discussion / Re: MTC distribution update.
« on: January 15, 2019, 01:49:48 pm »
Many people abandoned MTC because of Bruce's silence
Unfortunately this is also what I see happening. Before summer 2018, Bruce came online almost daily, actively answering all kinds questions. After that, most silience. It was way too actively, no need for that kind for dev, now not even basic level of dev communications.

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General Discussion / Re: NENG CPU Mining is like a bounty, 20,000
« on: January 13, 2019, 10:28:55 pm »
Cheetah v1.1.2 now added new support for CPU mining on Mac

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